How To Deliver Digitally

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How To Make The Most Of This Course

Module 1 - Clarity and Confidence Around your Course

Module 1: Clarity and Confidence Around your Course

[DOWNLOAD] 4 Intentions Planning Tool



[DOWNLOAD] Delivering Training That Engages ALL Learning Types

Module 2 - Positioning Your Course

Module 2: Positioning Your Course

[DOWNLOAD] Your User Journey & Product Range

[DOWNLOAD] Discovering Your Avatar

[DOWNLOAD] Running A Seed Launch

[DOWNLOAD] What Is Your Area Of Expertise

Module 3 - Structuring Your Content

Module 3: Structuring Your Course

[DOWNLOAD] Setting Good Objectives

[DOWNLOAD] Structure Your Course Planner

[DOWNLOAD] Sales Page & Video Template

Module 4 - Making Your Course

Module 4: Making Your Course

[DOWNLOAD] Filming Kit List

[DOWNLOAD] Framing Your Videos

[DOWNLOAD] Course Platform Comparison Matrix

[DOWNLOAD] Video Hosting Guide

[DOWNLOAD] App and Software Directory

[DOWNLOAD] Timeline Creation Guide

Module 5 - Naming, Pricing and Marketing Your Course

Module 5: Naming, Pricing and Marketing Your Course

[DOWNLOAD] Great Course Titles That Convert

[DOWNLOAD] Creating An Onboarding Email Nurture Campaign

[DOWNLOAD] A Guide to Pricing Your Course

[DOWNLOAD] Marketing Overview

Module 6 - Next Steps And Support

Module 6: Next Steps and Support

[DOWNLOAD] Join Changemaker Central & Have Us As Your Constant Affordable Business Coaches

[DOWNLOAD] Speaker INsight How To Deliver Digitally Certificate