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Discovering You & Your Purpose

Module 1 - Know Yourself

[DOWNLOAD] Know Yourself - Links to Quizzes

[DOWNLOAD] John Demartini Values Questions

Module 2 - What's Shaped You?

[DOWNLOAD] Your Milestones

Module 3 - Impostor Syndrome

[DOWNLOAD] Known For - Seen As

[DOWNLOAD] The World Needs Leaders - John Maxwell

Module 4 - Identify Your Purpose

[DOWNLOAD] Different Types of Purpose

[DOWNLOAD] 4 Ps Exercise

[DOWNLOAD] Head and Heart Goals


[DOWNLOAD SUMMARY] Identify Your Purpose


The Importance of Articulation

Module 1 - Stepping Into Leadership

[DOWNLOAD] Purpose Intentions

Module 2 - Feel It Speak It Live It

[DOWNLOAD] Think Bigger

[DOWNLOAD] Feel It Speak It Live It Statements

Module 3 - Your Why & Why You



Module 4 - Marketing Your Purpose

[DOWNLOAD] Connection Statement & Examples To Inspire You

[DOWNLOAD] Promote Your Purpose

[DOWNLOAD SUMMARY] Articulate Your Purpose


How TO Claim Your Purpose

Module 1 - How Your Purpose Fits With Your Life

[DOWNLOAD] Belief Statements

[DOWNLOAD] What Gets In Your Way

[DOWNLOAD] Roles Matrix

The Impact Of Your Purpose - A guided visualisation

[MP3] Purpose Visualisation with Instructions

[MP3] The Impact Of Your Purpose

Module 2 - Your Support Network

[DOWNLOAD] Your Support Network

Module 3 - Creating A Portfolio Business

[DOWNLOAD] Creating A Portfolio Business

[DOWNLOAD] Monetise Your Purpose

Module 4 - Leaving A Legacy

[DOWNLOAD] Tombstone Legacy

Module 5 - Bringing Your Purpose To Life

[DOWNLOAD] Business Ready Audit

[DOWNLOAD SUMMARY] Monetise Your Purpose

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